3 Hip-Hop Artists That Keep It Vital


My new piece on 2010s hip-hop:

3 Hip-Hop Artists That Keep It Vital

Pictures taken from this excellent website.

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  1. I love Kendrick Lamar! Not a big fan of Danny Brown, not because of an absence of lyricism, but becase of his voice. Chance is pretty good too, but he just got in a big producer scandal, which is strange because of his “Man of God” persona. However, if he comes with a great next album, I’ll be back on his side

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  2. I hate to jump on the band-wagon but I love Kendrick and Chance too. I’ve only heard a few of Danny’s songs, not enough to make a clear judgement but I’ll be sure to check him out.
    Which Danny Brown songs do you suggest to get a clear concept of his style?
    Also, if you were to rank these 3, which do you think is better and why?

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  3. This is a dope article man. All of these guys are so unique and I especially love Kendrick and Danny. I’ve always thought that in the modern rap landscape they’re a couple of the only guys that are forward-thinking in terms of their musical output. I love all their projects but each of they’re last albums were damn near if not masterpieces

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