Bob Dylan

Top 15 On The 15th

Top 15 on the 15th is a challenge that many fellow music bloggers partake in and that I was invited in by KeepsMeAlive. According to him, the challenge consists of each individual blogger posting his own Top 15 Albums of All-Time without… Read More ›

Album Of The Year: 1965

The idea behind this ‘series’ is that once every two weeks another year will be brought into attention, starting with 1963 and moving onward chronologically. One and only one album will be selected and written about from each year, the criteria… Read More ›

Album Review: Bob Dylan – Desire (1976)

“Your loyalty is not to me, but to the stars above” Rating: 8/10 Often cited as his last great album in a long, long time, ‘Desire’ represents yet another interesting and unique chapter in Bob Dylan’s musical journey. Two major… Read More ›