Pink Floyd

Top 15 On The 15th

Top 15 on the 15th is a challenge that many fellow music bloggers partake in and that I was invited in by KeepsMeAlive. According to him, the challenge consists of each individual blogger posting his own Top 15 Albums of All-Time without… Read More ›

That One Album That Changed Your Life

“Life-changing” is a powerful phrase that I, for one, wouldn’t want to carelessly throw around. A record that deserves this attribution is one that does more than simply impress, teach something new or change perception. Listening to it and most… Read More ›

That One Underrated Album

A good measure of whether an album is under-appreciated or not that I’ve always applied, involves comparing it with the rest of the band’s catalogue. Things can only get more obvious if the said band is enough well-known around the… Read More ›